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Private Parties

We all have many special events that take place in our lives, whether it's celebrating the expected birth of a baby with a baby shower to celebratory anniversaries and big birthdays.

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At Ella-Rose Event & Wedding Planners we work with our clients, to ensure they get the very best day whilst working within your budget. In fact, as experts we tell you where you can save money, without compromising.  We work with all budgets to fit the theme and/or event.

When you book your consultation, we go through your plans for your private party/event- no obligation, no fees just us imagining your party/event with you. Once you've decided you'd like to go ahead with us, we start our overall plan budgeting from the very start. We do the hard work for you, and share everything with you from our budget plans, to the venues we are selecting for you to view and choose (if applicable of course). We have an open and live document you can view at any time to know exactly where the planning progress is of your party/event at any time, noon or night! This saves our clients time in emails, phone calls etc allowing you to get on with your every day routines (which is extremely useful for those with full time jobs, children and an overall busy life style!).

We are always up to date with the latest themes and ideas for your party/event, from Great Gatsby themed birthday parties to Ruby wedding anniversaries. 

We place our fees within your budget, so your never go over the budget you've set us. 

We offer remote planning, so whether you're local to us, or need a bit of support further afield, we are always able to help. 

To get started on your party planning, click to book your consultation today.