Why wedding planners are essential for a stress free day!

Are you finding that you're asking yourself if you are in need of a wedding planner? What's the point in them you may ask? I am sure I can just do it myself, its easy... the questions of doubt can be a very long list, so here's some reasons why good wedding planners are essential for your stress free day.

We are highly trained and experienced in weddings, some brides/grooms may never have been to a wedding let alone planned one, and where do you start? With our extensive knowledge we know how to begin turning your vision, passions and ideas into the wedding you have always dreamed of as well as staying within your budget (now this really is essential it is so easy to get deviated from your budget).

Wedding planners are not just planners, we get involved in every planning process, we spend hours upon hours envisaging your wedding day just like you are, we see every element from the stressful planning, to the management on the day, to seeing you off on your honeymoon. We become your personal assistant throughout your wedding and preform a close bond all the way throughout to ensure that you, the bride & groom get the very best out of your wedding day.

We want you to be left with memories, on cloud nine emotions and true happiness to start off your married life. The only way of doing this, is by letting you be fully immersed in your day, to be smiling, spending time with loved ones during one of the happiest moments in your life and to have absolutely no weight on your shoulders.

We hope this has helped you to decide that we are not just planners and that we are as invested in you and your wedding day as a family member would be (we just do all the boring financial and legal stuff to!)

Wishing you a successful day with plenty of memories

Ella-Rose Event & Wedding Planners x

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