Past Events & Weddings

Over the years we have carried out a whole range of Events & Weddings from large events holding tens of thousands in one day to an intimate few at a christening. There are some that have gone on for years and years and we'd like to share them some of our memorable ones with you. 

Brightona is a huge scale event that raises money on Brighton's seafront every year to raise money for the local hospitals heart department in order for them to purchase specialist equipment. The event has its own merchandise store, has 3 stages during the day for live bands and has many stall holders and entertainment. We've been assisting with this event for over 10 years, with Jasmine running the merchandise stall on the day and Rachael overseeing the day's event with support of a team. This event has raised hundreds of thousands over the years and continues to grow strong and be part of the community. 

We have created so many memories for our wonderful couples that have chosen us to help plan their perfect day. With our sister bridal boutique we are with brides every day and get a feel of what brides & grooms wants and needs are. Its fantastic to see the love and to make ideas into a reality for them. 

We were lucky enough to help a Mayor during her year of fundraising for charities she chose to support. The Mayor raised over £12,000.00 during that time which is a breaking record for any previous mayors for over 12 years! That's an amazing achievement we were so pleased to be a part of. From Murder Mystery nights to fake wrestling matches and Christmas galas & fairs the charities benefitted so much from the money raised. 

For a few years alongside the lovely bikers that attend Brightona, we helped plan for Easter eggs to be given out to a care home at Easter, the volunteers and us went to spend time with the lovely residents, especially those that had no visitors and were at risk of loneliness. Despite being in a home, those without loved ones around them were feeling isolated and so, for one day we took that away having music and a party along side the giving out of Easter eggs to all residents. As this was such a success we followed this up in the same year at Christmas and gave all the residents Christmas presents along with christmas crackers and again along with a good old party! The residents got so much out of us visiting that it is now a regular thing, and our volunteers pop in whenever they want to. We are proud to have made a difference.